I started to see my DARE2 worker after me and mum moved away from dad.

For as long as I can remember dad was always mean to us, dinner times were the worst, he used to shout and throw things and mum would tell me to get away upstairs, I would sit at the top of the stairs and hear dad shouting, mum would be crying, things would be smashing and then I would hear that mum was being hurt. I remember one time I ran down stairs and got in-between mum and dad so he would stop hitting her, Dad turned on me and started hitting me in my legs, I couldn’t fight back but mum helped me to get away, I ran upstairs, I listened again I heard the door slam and I heard a car drive away. Dad had left, I heard mum crying and the sound of the broken plates, I went down stairs and she was tidying up all of the mess. Mum said to me that we were leaving, I was scared, I wondered about all of my toys, where would we go, and would he find us.

The next day dad left for work early as usual. Then mum packed some bags up and we went to Grandma’s house. Mum had a support worker who helped her with getting some papers that stopped dad from being allowed to come over. Dad did come over sometimes and shouted and kicked the doors but mum always called the police and he was taken away.

I went to school but I couldn’t concentrate, everything made me feel angry, I started to hurt people for silly things, because they said something that I didn’t like, because they looked at me or just because I felt like it. I couldn’t stop myself, I got into loads of trouble and had to sit away from everyone in my class. Mum was getting upset because she was called into school most nights. I didn’t do my work anymore. Eventually I told my mum that I couldn’t make my anger go away and was feeling really sad, mum told me not to worry and said that she would find help.

My mum’s worker told me about the DARE2 team, she said that they could try to help me feel better, so asked if I could speak to someone from DARE2.

The lady from DARE2 was kind to me, she came to see me in school and she played games with me, and she brought things to play with that I liked, everything was kept between us and I felt like I could trust her. Sometimes she came to my house and she spoke she spoke to mum about how everything that has happened could have made me feel this way. She used to talk to me about my angry feelings and she told me that feeling angry was okay. She helped me to find ways to let my anger out without hurting people. She never asked me to talk about my dad but I felt like I could tell her about the things that happened. Sometimes I let out my sad feelings by crying and that helped me to feel better. I learned that talking about my angry feelings helped me to calm down. I learned that bottling things up doesn’t help. She taught me that hurting other people is not okay and should never happen and I learned how my actions effect other people.

Now we don’t live with grandma anymore but we have our own place. Since support I feel like I can talk to my mum when I need to about anything, I try hard at school and my friends like me again, I know that getting angry is okay and I know how I can let my anger out without anyone getting hurt. I don’t see my dad anymore but I don’t mind because now me and mum are safe, he doesn’t know where we live so he can’t hurt us. Me and mum are happy now, I feel like myself again and I know I wouldn’t have felt this way without the support me and mum got from BWA.