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We have helped many women and chidren escape the cycle of domestic abuse. Here is Marie's story.

" My name is Marie. My support worker is Usma who is still working with me. I was referred to Bradford Women’s Aid by Staying Put 8 months ago. It has been a great experience; my support worker has helped me go through the most difficult times of my life."

"Usma has been there for me with great words of encouragement and offering me practical support which I needed with finding school places for my children and supporting me through school appeals and many other things such as help with setting up direct debits. She also supported me emotionally when I was going through stressful court proceedings from my abusive ex-husband. She gave me the confidence to move on."

"I remember going on a trip which was a wonderful thing for me and my children. For some people, it’s just a simple thing but for me and my children, it was a great thing. It was the time I was going through difficult and challenging times and I had just got custody of my son. The trip gave us the opportunity to bond."

"If I look back 8 months ago when I started the journey with Bradford Women’s Aid, I was a different person. This journey has given me the confidence to stand in front of you today and talk about myself. I am more happy and relaxed and can make decisions confidently."

"Thank you so much Bradford Women’s Aid for the work you are doing. I Strongly believe you will carry on to help other needy women. I want to thank especially my support worker Usma and Bradford Women’s Aid for inviting me here today."


This is Marie's speech given at our Annual General Meeting in October 2013, reproduced here with her permission.

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